Buckle up buttercup, because you just made the first move in rewriting your rule book that can completely change your life!


In order to complete registration and secure your spot in the next group, please complete payment.

Scan the QR code
click the “Pay Here” button.

And because I like you, I’ll even email you a receipt! 😄

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me at Cam@CoachWithCam.com and start a conversation. 😊

What to expect after you pay:
  • When the time comes, I will email the group and gather preferred times/days
  • Once a date/time is solidified, I’ll include you on the Zoom invite
  • You’ll be invited to join the private Facebook Group
  • And you may just burst with excitement! (I’m stoked to be on this journey with you!)
Expectations for our LIVE coaching calls:
  • The more you participate, ask questions, and are present, the more you’ll get out of the experience
  • Be stationary (and alone if possible)
  • Cameras should be turned on–this is interactive after all!
  • Minimize background noise or mute your mic unless you’re speaking
  • Participate by sharing your experiences each week
  • Contribute to a safe and supportive group container that allows everyone to be 100% themselves without judgment

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