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Ep. #48 – How to Neutralize Your Nerves Elevate Your Endgame

What do meeting a potential BFF for coffee, and a new job interview have in common? NERVES! Join us this week as we talk about how to overcome this very natural nervous state so you can actually go out and enjoy your life rather than worry about it.  Connect with us! Cameron Nichols: coachwithcam.ctcin.bio/ Megan Wing: linktr.ee/meganwingcoaching
  1. Ep. #48 – How to Neutralize Your Nerves
  2. BONUS: How would your life be different if you had more confidence?
  3. Ep. #47 – The Triangle of Drama & Emotional Authority
  4. Ep. #46 – When to Adopt, Adapt, or Abandon
  5. Ep. #45 – Giving Yourself Permission
  6. Ep. #44 – People Pleasing on Purpose
  7. Ep. #43 – Do More In Less Time
  8. Ep. #42 – Mental Health & Neurodiversity
  9. Ep. #41 – How to Process HARD Emotions
  10. Ep. #40 – The Success Method

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