What I have learned from Cam is priceless! 

Cam helped me gain perspective, notice my patterns, and taught me how to intentionally decide the outcomes I wanted so I could live from a place of progression and expansion. 

He helped me gain deeper insight into how to break down social constructs and learn to be okay with allowing my emotions. Especially when it came to un-shaming my brain.

I’m no longer afraid and can make peace with my emotions–that is the key a lot of people don’t realize is an essential part of healing.

Before coaching with Cam, I felt stuck everywhere in life–like running in circles with no direction and through the mud. I had tried self-help books, isolation, and therapy before realizing I didn’t have to be “sick” or think I’m broken. 

Cam has a way of creating a safe space to explore emotions but in a way that he mentally challenges individuals to push beyond the “I don’t know’s” that causes overthinkers to stay stuck. He teaches, instructs, and guides from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and judgment-free space. Lots of laughter and insight all in one.

I have so much gratitude for all that I have learned and gained from these sessions. I can’t thank you enough Cam!

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