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Ep. #60 – 3 Steps to Creating Positive Change (our final episode) Elevate Your Endgame

Sometimes creating positive change doesn't feel good, and that's okay. Join us for our final episode and THANK YOU for joining us on this journey.  "Remember, that shining bright gives others permission to shine as well." Connect with us! Cameron Nichols: coachwithcam.ctcin.bio/ Megan Wing: linktr.ee/meganwingcoaching #lifecoach #lifecoaching #mentalhealth #confidence #career #fulfillment #authenticity #careercoach #introvertcoach #goals #betterlife
  1. Ep. #60 – 3 Steps to Creating Positive Change (our final episode)
  2. Ep. #59 – Work Smarter, Not Harder
  3. Ep. #58 – Recharging Your Social Battery
  4. Ep. #57 – How to Rest When You're Stressed
  5. Ep. #56 – Resisting Reality
  6. Ep. #55 – Stress & Trigger Solutions with Jeremy
  7. Ep. #54 – Getting Unstuck
  8. Ep. #53 – Focus
  9. Ep. #52 – 2021 Wrapped
  10. Ep. #51 – Collin's Journey

Guest Spots & Interviews

The Life Coach School Podcast

with Brooke Castillo

There is a common misconception that women are more emotional than men. This is a myth. Men have lots of emotions, but their social programming teaches them not to acknowledge or process them. This week, hear how not processing your emotions is hurting you and the results you want to create. My guests share how important it is to acknowledge and process your emotions, why doing so doesn’t make you any less manly, and their advice to all the men listening who are ready to face the challenge and discomfort of feeling your feelings.

Hack Your Human Design

with Melanie Hill

If you’re struggling with pressure, if you feel overwhelmed, if you’re not sure what to do, and if you really want to know more about the power of human design, you’re gonna want to tune into this episode, and listen to the whole thing. 

It’s an incredible conversation. It truly is healing, and it’s an incredible permission slip to start trusting yourself and your needs.


with Jessica Smarro

Tune in for this conversation with the one and only Cam Nichols.  Cam is a life coach who works with shy introverts to help them stop hiding and start living. 

In this episode we have a soulful conversation about identity and the social conditioning we experience that shapes what we perceive to be our identity.  We explore the reasons we feel compelled to make ourselves wrong, and share some strategies we use to let go of the conditioning and embrace our true identity.

Time for You

with Erin Woodruff

In this episode, I interview Cam Nichols. Cam is a certified life coach who coaches introverts on being their authentic selves.

Cam jokes that he’s been coaching since 5th grade when the teacher moved someone next to him to help coach on good behavior. He owns his own coaching practice helping shy introverts to stop hiding due to overthinking and start living. His strengths give him a balanced coaching style between the emotional & logical, spiritual & worldly, and fun & serious. He’s shy and soulful with a little sass mixed in.

Entrepreneur Factory Podcast

with Boyd PetersEn

We discuss how having a coach helps you both professionally and personally at the same time. You must also be willing to allow personal things to come out in business.

You are hiring the whole package.

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