Empowerment Coach for Sensitive Souls

Helping you to find your voice so you can stop hiding and start living.

Learn to advocate for and express yourself in order to get more of what you want!

What is your primary HSP Energy Type?

Take the quiz to discover what element holds the key to unlocking your secret strength as a sensitive soul. You’ll also learn what your natural intuitive gifts are and exactly what to do to regain BALANCE when you feel stuck in the ruts of overthinking/doubt/frustration/overwhelm/etc. you just can’t think your way out of.

OMG! Everything was right on! How did you do this? I felt you knew my soul. It’s soooo good!!!! 🧡🤩


You’re so worried about how you’ll be perceived, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be your authentic, confident self.

Does this sound like you?

View of Yourself
  • Feel misunderstood by most
  • Possibly feel “broken” or “defective” because of how different you are
  • Never fully satisfied and always seeking for more
  • Overthink or overanalyze
  • Risk averse
  • Internalize criticism (e.g. “too much,” “emotional,” or “not good enough”
  • Need time to process information / Don’t like making quick decisions
  • Finds comfort in repeat consumption of the same things (tv shows, movies, books, music, food, etc.)
  • Possibly feel numb or somewhat detached from emotion
  • Avoid conflict at almost any cost
  • Don’t speak up for wants and/or needs
  • Very small social circle
  • Has difficulty in setting or reinforcing boundaries
  • Struggles with making friends
  • Can come across as shy, arrogant, judgmental, or awkward when meeting new people
  • Thinks a lot about friends, family, or even acquaintances even though you don’t see or speak often (years or decades even!)
  • Doesn’t like crowded or loud places
  • Experience times of hyper-awareness
  • Sensitive to energy and emotions around you (other people, spaces, the state of the world, etc.)
  • Prefers clam and likes being out in nature
  • Homebody or likes to have control of the environment
If all or most of these points resonated with you, you are one of my highly sensitive peeps!
Chelsea U.

Before coaching with Cam, I felt stuck everywhere in life–like running in circles with no direction and through the mud.

I had tried self-help books, isolation, and therapy before realizing I didn’t have to be “sick” or think I’m broken. 

Cam helped me gain deep perspective, notice my patterns, and taught me how to intentionally decide the outcomes I wanted so I could live more intentionally.


I feel liberated!

After working with Cam I have the tools and concepts I need to know that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay.

I couldn’t say that six months ago, but I can say it with confidence today. Things are starting to get done because I have clarity and centeredness.


“I’ve had many years of therapy, paid thousands of dollars in counseling, spent countless hours crying, and had all but given up on loving myself fully, but in just a few sessions with Cameron, I was able to find myself and love myself for the first time in my life.

My real relationships have deepened, and the toxic relationships have faded away because I finally found my voice and set healthy boundaries.

Have you checked out my podcast?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Fresh Compassionate Voice

Cam takes a fresh look at many aspects of being ourselves. He’s so compassionate and kind in the way he speaks but also helps us question the way we view ourselves. If you think you are broken and/or strive to be the highest version of yourself, take a good listen here!

— lara.aussiegirl

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Stop Hiding & Start Living

I work with your conscious AND unconscious mind to change how you think about yourself.

When you change how you think about yourself (aka uncover who you really are), you find the deepest, most genuine, and potent self-trust that propels you into going after and getting whatever it is the hell you want!

This is what it means to tune into your intuition–you feel safer being your authentic and radical self.

This is what it is to find your voice–you don’t hold back from speaking up for your needs and wants–you create the life you actually want.

Imagine how your life would be different if you could just step out of your own way.
  • Less anxiety & depression
  • Find and make new friends (in YOUR unique way that feels good)
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Be confident in who you are and project that through your image
  • Attend events and stay energized and engaged rather than hiding in the corner or with the animals (#guilty 🐶)
  • Stop caring so much about what others think
  • Stop feeling so awkward in social situations
  • Start building more genuine and intimate relationships
  • Stop avoiding (potential) conflict (aka people-pleasing)
  • Overcome black & white thinking
  • Stop overthinking and second-guessing yourself
  • Trust in your decisions
  • Overcome self-sabotage
  • LOVE yourself for being an introvert and/or homebody and build the life and social circle you want in YOUR way
  • Value yourself and what you do including what only YOU have to offer
  • Feel safe to be yourself no matter who is around

Actually have the energy to focus on what brings you joy rather than using all your energy constantly fighting with yourself.

Jessica D.

“Cam has helped me to face fears I never thought I would overcome, and has an amazing ability of keeping me in integrity and on my path whenever I start to sway.

Cameron’s influence and guidance in my life is helping me be a better human. It has literally transformed my life.

If you want to be inspired and find your path, you should hire Cameron. He will change your life!”


“Cam’s intuitive nature has helped me open so quickly and to be vulnerable in ways that are helping me grow.

I never knew I could grow so much in my personal development.

I never expected to learn as much about myself as I did with Cam as a mentor.

Jenna Marvin

“You’ll know you’ve found an incredible coach with just one session with him – his energy speaks volumes.

He holds space for you to be completely vulnerable AND he will ask you questions to help guide you toward discovering more of who you really are.

He makes sure you feel heard and that ALL feelings are valid, this is HUGE for HSPs and empaths as we often discredit or disregard our own feelings.”

That critical voice in our mind doesn’t always tell the truth. When we believe it’s judgments and fear-mongering, we don’t go after what we want or need.

In a world geared towards extroverts, we’re taught that if we don’t show up a certain way we’re “wrong” or “broken”…

But the truth is we’re just wired differently.

I can help you get out of the “fake it ’til you make it” energy so you can finally go after and get what you want without being so afraid, anxious, or overwhelmed.

change how you show up for yourself in your world, then go out and change the world!

Cam Nichols

Not sure what life coaching is all about or how it differs from therapy? 👇🏼

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