overcome imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & people-pleasing

Feel Better in Just 5 Minutes

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Depressed?

Start feeling better NOW! Download my meditation and I’ll guide you to feeling better in just 5 minutes–yes, really!

+ I’ll send in 3 of my favorite mini-trainings!

“I have actually never been very good at meditation. But that [helping me to feel better] was…Immediate! Thank you!!” – K.L.

Stop Hiding & Start Living

I work with your conscious AND unconscious mind to change how you think about yourself. When you change how you think about yourself (aka uncover who you really are), you find the deepest, most genuine, and potent self-trust that propels you into going after and getting whatever it is the hell you want! This is what it means to tune into your intuition. When you tune in to your intuition, you feel safer being your authentic and radical self. This is what it is to find your voice–you don’t hold back from speaking up for your needs and wants–you create the life you actually want.

Actually have the energy to focus on what brings you joy rather than using all your energy constantly fighting with yourself.

You’re so worried about how you’ll be perceived, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be your authentic, confident self.

Imagine how your life would be different if you could just step out of your own way.
  • Less anxiety & depression
  • Find and make new friends (in YOUR unique way that feels good)
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Be confident in who you are and project that through your image
  • Attend events and stay energized and engaged rather than hiding in the corner or with the animals (#guilty 🐶)
  • Stop caring so much about what others think
  • Stop feeling so awkward in social situations
  • Start building more genuine and intimate relationships
  • Stop avoiding (potential) conflict (aka people-pleasing)
  • Overcome black & white thinking
  • Stop overthinking and second-guessing yourself
  • Trust in your decisions
  • Overcome self-sabotage
  • LOVE yourself for being an introvert and/or homebody and build the life and social circle you want in YOUR way
  • Value yourself and what you do including what only YOU have to offer
  • Feel safe to be yourself no matter who is around

“I know from personal experience how hard it can be to love yourself. I’ve had many years of therapy, paid thousands of dollars in counseling, spent countless hours crying, and had all but given up on loving myself fully.

But after coaching with Cam, I was able to find myself and love myself for the first time in my life (something I never thought possible).

Now I see my worth and that I am worth fighting for.

My real relationships have deepened, and the toxic relationships have faded away because I finally found my voice and set healthy boundaries.

Considering myself an empath who can easily get mixed into emotions, Cameron has always had this calming effect on me, and I love being around him.

Working with Cameron has blessed my life in ways I never thought possible. He helped me find me!”

Beth H.

“Cam has helped me to face fears I never thought I would overcome and has an amazing ability of keeping me in integrity and on my path whenever I start to sway.

Cam’s influence and guidance in my life is helping me be a better human. It has literally transformed my life.

If you want to be inspired and find your path, you should hire Cam. He will change your life!”

Jessica D.

“I can’t express how grateful I am for my time with Cam.

He’s made such a big impact on my life, and I can’t express that enough.

He’s been a big part of my mental health journey and I don’t know what the last couple of months would have been like without him.

It’s been a huge deal.”

Kendall S.

“Cam’s intuitive nature has helped me open so quickly and to be vulnerable in ways that are helping me grow.

Cam fosters trust in every relationship.

His ability to always see the big picture and encourage good habits that will create long-term success is a quality I truly admire.

Most leaders spend time trying to get others to think highly of them when instead they should try to get their people to think more highly of themselves.

I never knew I could grow so much in my personal development.

I never expected to learn as much about myself as I did with Cam as a mentor.

He was a guide, helping me to open up discoveries about myself on my healing journey and I’m the one that is the most surprised at what I’m finding!!!”

Nan J.
That critical voice in our mind doesn’t always tell the truth. When we believe it’s judgments and fear-mongering, we don’t go after what we want or need.

In a world geared towards extroverts, we’re taught that if we don’t show up a certain way we’re “wrong” or “broken.”
But the truth is we’re just wired differently.

I can help you get out of the “fake it ’til you make it” energy so you can finally go after and get what you want without being so afraid, anxious, or overwhelmed.

change how you show up for yourself in your world, then go out and change the world…or at least be a lot happier 😉

Cam Nichols