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3 Months One-on-One
Personal Coaching Package

This is where you discover and harness YOUR voice so you can overcome perfectionism, people-pleasing, & imposter syndrome and create whatever the hell you want…on YOUR TERMS.

  • 45-60 min. a week via Zoom or phone
  • 12 sessions
  • Completely personalized to YOU
  • Unlimited Voxer support between sessions
  • Investment: Three Monthly Payments of $777


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cam is an amazing coach and is exactly what every highly sensitive person (or empath) needs!

You’ll know you’ve found an incredible coach with just one session with him – his energy speaks volumes. He holds space for you to be completely vulnerable AND he will ask you questions to help guide you toward discovering more of who you really are. He makes sure you feel heard and that ALL feelings are valid, this is HUGE for HSPs and empaths as we often discredit or disregard our own feelings.

And he has such a fun and sassy energy that can easily lighten the mood of challenging topics. If you want a coach that “gets you” then you need Cam.

IG: @jennamarvinwellness

Jenna Marvin

“I can’t express how grateful I am for my time with Cam.

He’s made such a big impact on my life, and I can’t express that enough.

He’s been a big part of my mental health journey and I don’t know what the last couple of months would have been like without him.

It’s been a huge deal.”


“If you are an introvert like I am, then your batteries are wired differently. You know the emotional prep time you need to be able to go out and network. You also know how long you need to recharge after the event.

Cam understands this. He works with you to identify the things that are holding you back in business and in life and works with you to make effective game plans to achieve your goals.

He is intuitive, open, and asks questions that allow you to share without feeling awkward.

If this sounds like you, or if you could use some mentorship in that realm, it’s time to get to know Cam.”


I feel liberated!

After working with Cam I have the tools and concepts I need to know that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay. I couldn’t say that six months ago, but I can say it with confidence today. Things are starting to get done because I have clarity and centeredness.

Prior to my coaching with Cam, my life was chaotic. It was very hard to be motivated and productive. I had created goal sheets and made plans but they didn’t seem to address the reason why I wasn’t moving forward.

Cam takes an “inside out” approach looking at how you’re feeling and then the thoughts behind those that show what you’re doing or not doing in order to find what the issue really is. It’s the best thing! He offered me insights and connections that normally would be buried. Once or twice would be phenomenal, but to come away from almost every session with an insight or a shift, that came from Cam’s insight.

If you’re considering working with Cam, I would advise you to simply DO IT.  Don’t second-guess yourself, trust that that inner voice is saying “let’s do this. Let’s move forward with this journey.”  When you honor what’s within, it manifests in all the things on the outside.

It’s not just that my world has changed. I’m living in a completely different world!


“Cam’s intuitive nature has helped me open so quickly and to be vulnerable in ways that are helping me grow.

Cam fosters trust in every relationship.

His ability to always see the big picture and encourage good habits that will create long-term success is a quality I truly admire.

Most leaders spend time trying to get others to think highly of them when instead they should try to get their people to think more highly of themselves.

I never knew I could grow so much in my personal development.

I never expected to learn as much about myself as I did with Cam as a mentor.

He was a guide, helping me to open up discoveries about myself on my healing journey and I’m the one that is the most surprised at what I’m finding!!!”


“I’ve had many years of therapy, paid thousands of dollars in counseling, spent countless hours crying and had all but given up on loving myself fully, but in just a few sessions with Cameron, I was able to find myself and love myself for the first time in my life.

Now I see my worth and that I am worth fighting for.

My real relationships have deepened, and the toxic relationships have faded away because I finally found my voice and set healthy boundaries.

Considering myself an empath who can easily get mixed into emotions, Cameron has always had this calming effect on me, and I love being around him.

Working with Cameron has blessed my life in ways I never thought possible. He helped me find me!”


“Cam has helped me to face fears I never thought I would overcome and has an amazing ability of keeping me in integrity and on my path whenever I start to sway.

Cam’s influence and guidance in my life is helping me be a better human. It has literally transformed my life.

If you want to be inspired and find your path, you should hire Cam. He will change your life!”


What I have learned from Cam is priceless! 

Cam helped me gain perspective, notice my patterns, and taught me how to intentionally decide the outcomes I wanted so I could live from a place of progression and expansion. 

He helped me gain deeper insight into how to break down social constructs and learn to be okay with allowing my emotions. Especially when it came to un-shaming my brain.

I’m no longer afraid and can make peace with my emotions–that is the key a lot of people don’t realize is an essential part of healing.

Before coaching with Cam, I felt stuck everywhere in life–like running in circles with no direction and through the mud. I had tried self-help books, isolation, and therapy before realizing I didn’t have to be “sick” or think I’m broken. 

Cam has a way of creating a safe space to explore emotions but in a way that he mentally challenges individuals to push beyond the “I don’t know’s” that causes overthinkers to stay stuck. He teaches, instructs, and guides from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and judgment-free space. Lots of laughter and insight all in one.

I have so much gratitude for all that I have learned and gained from these sessions. I can’t thank you enough Cam!


I really related to the others in the group and got a lot out of your coaching. For me, the best thing about the group calls was when I was the one being coached. The second best was when I could fully relate to the person being coached because it was also something I needed to hear.

As a coach, you have a level of authenticity that puts me at ease (I’m always on guard for people with hidden agendas). You also understand things that I’ve been struggling to grasp. I often feel like crying when we talk because I feel seen, heard, and understood in a way that is so rare.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are My results guaranteed?

100% yes as long as you apply the tools and concepts. As with most things in life, you will get as much out of your experience as you put into it. I’ve seen progress and results with every one of my clients. This is a container where we co-create so

Ultimately you are the only one responsible for your results; however, if you’re not getting the results you want, I’ll help you discover why and coach you through it. When it comes to accountability, I help you tap into your inner wisdom to find the answers and offer perspective from my education, experiences, and intuition, along with knowledge gained from working with other clients.

This kind of work is ongoing so not only will we work on the concerns you have at the present, I’ll be teaching you tools along the way that you can personally use after our work together has concluded. My goal is NOT to create a co-dependent relationship where you need to continue working with me for years to get the results you want–I want to teach you the tools and concepts you need to become successfully independent.

How is my progress tracked?

You get to decide how progress is tracked. Often we are working on beliefs or emotions which are not always as tangible as a number on a scale; however, the work we do together will create results you will notice in your life (i.e. more time with friends, scheduled alone time for self-care, more fulfilling conversations or relationships, etc.). When you care for your entire person, results are inevitable and you will see and experience them regularly.

Will there be homework or assignments?

This is entirely customizable to you as a unique individual. I like to consider things like these as “integration adventures” because learning it is one thing, but integrating it into your daily life is a skill that needs to be practiced. Some people like structured assignments with journaling prompts or activities to complete; while others like to work on awareness or contemplate a concept. Everything is tailored to you because you are unique and unlike anybody else. Regardless of your style, your subconscious is always working behind the scenes to help you make new connections and find ways of integrating what you pick up.

What is your coaching philosophy?

I believe you have all the answers. My job is to create a space or container of safety and integrity and help guide you in filtering out the noise of all our societal conditioning and uncovering your answers. You are a unique and magical being that is unlike anyone else so what works for me or someone else may not work for you. This is a good thing! I want to help you learn to trust yourself on the deepest level so you don’t have to constantly wear yourself out bouncing from place to place or person to person to find the “right” answer–you just have to go inward.

Sound a little woo-woo? I admit it is a little bit. But this in addition to causal coaching (aka understanding your human brain–why you do the things you do) and using logical tools and techniques is what helps propel you forward in creating the life you want and more of the world you want to live in and leave behind as part of your legacy.

Here are some things I help my clients with:

  • Confidence
  • Authenticity
  • Perfectionism
  • Social Anxiety
  • Self-Worth
  • People Pleasing
  • Boundaries
  • Shame
  • Relationships w/ Spouse, Friends, Colleagues, etc.
  • Making Adult Friends (no, not THAT kind 😉 but you do you, boo 😏)
  • Becoming Your Own Person (personal dependence)
  • Unconditional Love
  • Self-Doubt
  • Finding Purpose
  • Feeling & Processing Emotions
  • Leadership & Team Engagement
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Feeling Stuck or Unfulfilled
  • Break Free From Who The World Tells You To Be

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Working with a coach can help speed up the process, but the truth is, you don’t need a life coach to grow or work on self-development. You can absolutely do it on your own using the free resources at your disposal. I did this for years before I finally made an investment in coaching.
Although I can help you get faster and more profound results for yourself working together, I want to provide value for you regardless of whether you pay me or not. This is why I offer several ways to work with me, for free!

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I have actually never been very good at meditation.. But that was.. Immediate! Thank you!!” – K.L.

“It’s SO GOOD! I used it myself and now even recommend it to my own clients.” – A.C.

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Knowing where emotions come from and how they are created, opens you up to create MAGIC. Gain more control over your emotions and learn to create any emotion at any time.

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When you build a relationship with your future, it makes the present SO MUCH EASIER! Tapping into your future self is the key to creating clarity and ease in your life RIGHT NOW.

Living life without a buffer

Buffering is the way we avoid feeling terrible. It’s the reason you don’t have all the things we want. Learning to live without buffering is a powerful tool that sets you free from all the things holding you back.

change how you show up for yourself in your world, then go out and change the world!

Cam Nichols

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