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Hi, I’m Cameron. I’m a professionally certified life coach that helps introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people (hsp) build authentic confidence from the inside out. Overcome negative self-talk, and learn to value yourself in a way that protects your energy.

I’m passionate about coaching and leadership because of the impact we can have on those around us. If we change how we show up for ourselves in the world, we can go out and change the world.

I’m based in the Greater Salt Lake City, UT area. I’m married to an amazing man (Blake), have two incredible boys, and the most adorable Havanese forever puppy (Finnick). I’m a lover of crystals, energy, nature, television, movies, and food. I am a singer, actor, teacher, intuitive, and healer. I’ve been obsessed with the ocean my entire life, learned to scuba dive when I was 14 years old, and plan to live by the ocean one day (I’m secretly a merman living landlocked).

Enneagram: 4w5
Human Design: 3/5 Emotional Projector
🌞 Sagittarius | 🌛 Aries | 🔼 Capricorn
Professional Certified Life Coach 🕉️
Intuitive/Medium 🔮
Singer 🎤
Actor 🎥
Scuba Diver 🐠
*Superstar Diva Bitch* 👑

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Start feeling better NOW! Download my meditation and I’ll guide you to feeling better in just 5 minutes–yes, really!

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Unlocking Your Superpowers: Embrace Your Sensitivity and Thrive!

Learning how to trust your intuition and navigate your energy and emotional cycles is what allows you to create the anchor of safety you need to confidently express your unique voice and advocate for your wants and needs. This is how you build the incredible and meaningful relationships you want. This is how you create a fulfilling life that aligns with who you really are so you can naturally thrive! 

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What It Takes To Be Lovable

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, let’s talk about LOVABILITY–your ability to love yourself; love others; and be loved in return. Everyone is worthy and lovable. 100% without question or doubt. But then why doesn’t it feel that way?The simple answer: it’s because of how you’re thinking. You’ve spent your entire life learning and being conditioned by other people on how to think– what kind of opinions we should have in order to be socially accepted.We have our own thoughts and then have thoughts we have been trained to think. Sometimes they sound like ourselves, and sometimes they sound…

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📢 Release Day is FINALLY HERE

I have a favor to ask… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to this first batch of podcasts and share with other introverts, empaths, and HSPs in your life. Algorithms LOVE launches and the number of listens/plays in the first week is crucial when it comes to reach. My intent in creating this podcast is to share my journey, let others know they are not alone, and help other introverts, empaths, and HSPs overcome imposter syndrome and find their own voice. This is my journey. This is your journey. This is their journey. As humans, we need community–which can be difficult to find…

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Sneaky Signs of Self-Sabotage & A Quick and Easy Hack to Pull Out Of It

I’m always surprised when I recognize I’m self-sabotaging. My brain is so sneaky at coming up with new ways or angles. Why do we self-sabotage? The simple answer is fear and our primal survival instinct. When our unconscious mind senses danger, it sends us into a fight/flight/freeze/fawn response. The thing is the things that our primal brain considers dangerous aren’t really dangerous anymore–we’re not fighting animalistic preditors for food or safety any more. But all of this starts out in our subconscious and is completely unconcious to us This is why building awareness is the first step in retraining our…

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Recognizing YOUR Importance

You recognize you’re a unique individual. But do you recognize how important YOU and your uniqueness actually are and the impact your existence and voice have in the world?? It can be so easy to get overwhelmed and go into existential mode. You may feel like you’re lost or trapped without the hope of a future you actually want. When you’re in this mindset, it’s more difficult to manage your mind and see what control you have. It becomes almost impossible to see clearly, let alone think positively about creating a desired future. But here’s the thing: When you own…

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Am I too late to give you a gift?

I hope you enjoyed your holidays!! I was pretty silent as I decided to take some time off and focus on planning out more of what I want to think, feel, and do in 2023.  One of the things I have been working on behind the scenes is a BRAND NEW PODCAST!!  Elevate Your Endgame (my previous podcast) taught me a LOT about podcasting. I went back and listened to the first couple episodes and…*cringe* let’s just say I have much better equipment and knowledge now 😂 The TRAILER was just released today and you can give it a listen below. I…

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Time to Adjust Your Expectations

Do you tend to have really high expectations for yourself? Sometimes they are so high it overwhelms you–you start to get anxiety about messing up, not showing up the way you want to, envisioning all the ways it could go wrong, or thinking about what everyone else is thinking. Are you exhausted just reading that last bit? I’m exhausted just from typing it! At what point do you just get to be a messy, imperfect, amazing-as-you-are human? You put so much pressure on yourself and it’s not necessary. Sometimes you just need to recognize where you’re at and intentionally adjust…

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Why Holding Yourself Accountable is a MISTAKE

Yup, I said it. I just finished teaching a class for The Life Coach School on accountability and I wanted to share it with you as well. Take a moment and think (or say aloud), repeatedly, “accountability.” As you repeat it, notice what happens in your body–where do you feel the energy? What sensations become more pronounced? Personally, it feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders and a hollow sensation in my gut. Many of the students in the class mentioned things like, fear, empty, stomach ache, etc. What is it for YOU? For a lot of people, the…

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Can you even hear yourself screaming in unsettled and subtle agony?

The screaming inside yourself doesn’t always feel or sound like screaming at all. Sometimes it’s a quiet and subtle unsettled feeling. Other times it’s a full on tortured soul scream from the depths of Hades’ lair. The agony we feel means we are out of alignment with ourselves. It doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong. It just means there is a part of you that needs you to pay attention. If you’re like most humans (myself included), we will do almost anything to try and get away from that unsettled feeling. (Well, anything except for the one thing that actually…

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