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About Me

Hi, I’m Cameron. I’m a professionally certified life coach that helps introverts and empaths build authentic confidence from the inside out. Overcome negative self-talk, learn to value themselves in a way that protects their energy.

I’m passionate about coaching and leadership because of the impact we can have on those around us. I believe that if we change how we show up in the world, we can go out and change the world.

I’m based in the Greater Salt Lake City, UT area. I’m married to an amazing man (Blake) , have two incredible boys, and the most adorable Havanese forever puppy (Finnick). I’m a lover of crystals, energy, nature, television, movies, and food. I am a singer, actor, teacher, intuitive, and healer. I’ve been obsessed with the ocean my entire life, learned to scuba dive when I was 14 years old, and plan to live by the ocean one day (I’m secretly a merman living landlocked).

Enneagram: 4w5
Human Design: 3/5 Emotional Projector
🌞 Sagittarius | 🌛 Aries | 🔼 Capricorn
Professional Certified Life Coach 🕉️
Intuitive/Medium 🔮
Singer 🎤
Actor 🎥
Scuba Diver 🐠
*Superstar Diva Bitch* 👑

We’ve all been taught self-love wrong, and we’re miserable because of it.

What does it mean to love yourself unconditionally? Is it really possible to love yourself 100% of the time? In my personal AND professional opinion, the answer is NO. “But isn’t that what you teach and coach on…?” Yes, AND there’s more to it than you may realize. You are always worthy of love–from yourself and others. But just because the sky exists, doesn’t mean that sometimes it shouldn’t be night/dark. True self-love is about learning to be okay with your darkness. Growing up, I was bullied–I was constantly being called “queer”/”fag”/”gay”/etc. For me, with my religious and social upbringing,…

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I was terrified. So I did the only thing I could think of.

Hello, my beautiful friend! Today, I want to ask you to ponder what are you hiding from…? Oftentimes I see my clients (and let’s be honest, myself too) hide. We’re afraid to be seen and heard. But we crave to be understood by others. If we’re exposed, we can be judged or rejected. For myself, I recognized I was hiding because the other option was forcing myself to be like others–and that sh*t took so much effort! It was completely draining. When I couldn’t bring myself to the task because I had low energy, I hid and justified my hiding–including…

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How I Went From a Wreck to a Badass in 90 Seconds

Last week I attended my first ever live mastermind event. It was more incredible than I could have imagined! But I didn’t feel that way going into it… When my husband dropped me off at the airport, I was trembling and shaking with anxiety. I was going to meet friends that I had only met virtually but had known for over a year. I was going to be in a room with incredible coaches who help tons of people. What will they think of me? Who am I to be sitting in that room? I’m an introvert and I’m socially…

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How I Ruined My Vacation…

I’ve been pretty quiet over the last month, doing a lot of self-work and discovery with one of my coaches. It’s really been the journey of 2022 so far–question everything, deconditioning from everything you’ve been taught, evaluate joy and where energy naturally comes from, etc. (e.g. slow down so you can speed up). It’s all been an add-on to all the work I’ve already done and will always continue to do. But as you can imagine, when you are questioning and evaluating all aspects of your life externally as well as internally, if not managed well can lead to burnout.…

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Learning How to Feel Better: The Best Game of Hide and Seek

Do you remember playing hide and seek as a kid? I used to LOVE it! I was in gymnastics and was petit in my younger years so I could squeeze into strange places–laundry baskets, inside a cupboard or armoir, between furniture and the wall, etc. It was fun to be chased and looked for. I felt so smug and smart while at the same time a little naughty because of the risk. The part I didn’t’ like was the seeking. Every time I was the seeker, I felt alone, unsure, dumb, and even vulnerable (which I realize is ironic given…

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