–Cameron Nichols

What do freezing temps and introverts have in common?

This past week in Utah has been COLD. It got down to freezing temperature. What do people who are cold do? Put on a ton of layers, wrap themselves tight in the warmest blanket they can find, and get into their comfort zone. From a psychological level, all humans gravitate towards our comfort zones. Why? Well, there is a part of your brain that has three sole functions:1. Avoid Pain/Discomfort2. Seek Pleasure3. Conserve Energy/Be EfficientSo when it’s cold or we are in any kind of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual discomfort, our brain guides us to find comfort; which we…

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What Is Your Insecurity Stopping You From Doing?

As we grow up, as humans do, we unconsciously take on thoughts and beliefs that others offer up to us. When we were bullied, abused, neglected, told we’re different…we unconsciously made those things mean something about ourselves. We unknowingly create insecurities for ourselves that sounds like:● “I’m not good enough”● “I can’t do that”● “I’m not normal”● “They know more than I do”● “I don’t know what I’m doing”● “Nobody cares about me”● Etc. Then those thoughts repeat in our minds for 20, 30, 40+ years…each time making those beliefs stronger. Then one day something happens…a major life event/epiphany/etc., and…

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The Success Method

How long have you been working on your goals…and they just stay that, goals? The reason that your goals aren’t becoming accomplishments faster isn’t that you don’t have a sensational work ethic; it’s because your work ethic isn’t being put to use in the most efficient way. You’re following society’s method for success instead of the real method for success.  This success mindset is the one way that I have used to build my businesses from scratch. I got laid off from my company and was able to become a full-time coach INSTANTLY! I’m not special snowflake, I just know what…

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Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

From a young age, we are taught what to believe. We are given baselines and guidelines on how to conduct our lives and what is considered “normal” or “acceptable” behavior. We don’t really question it…although we may sometimes test the boundaries.    We create and adopt beliefs in order to protect ourselves and/or make sense of our world. But a lot of the time, beliefs we have about the world or ourselves are actually misinterpretations based on gaps in our experience or knowledge. They don’t actually protect us or help make our existence in the world better. For example, as…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Cameron. I’m a professionally certified life coach that helps millennial and empathic leaders lead from the heart and tune into their superpowers to lead without the struggle and take their team from good to great!

I’m passionate about coaching and leadership because of the impact we can have on those around us. I believe that if we change how we show up in the world, we can go out and change the world.

I’m based in the Greater Salt Lake City, UT area. I’m married to an amazing man (Blake) , have two incredible boys, and the most adorable Havanese forever puppy (Finnick). I’m a lover of crystals, energy, nature, television, movies, and food. I am a singer, actor, teacher, intuitive, and healer. I’ve been obsessed with the ocean my entire life, learned to scuba dive when I was 14 years old, and plan to live by the ocean one day (I’m secretly a merman living landlocked).

Enneagram: 4w5
Human Design: 3/5 Emotional Projector
🌞 Sagittarius | 🌛 Aries | 🔼 Capricorn
Professional Certified Life Coach 🕉️
Intuitive/Medium 🔮
Singer 🎤
Actor 🎥
Scuba Diver 🐠
*Superstar Diva Bitch* 👑


–Cameron Nichols

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