I feel liberated!

After working with Cam I have the tools and concepts I need to know that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay. I couldn’t say that six months ago, but I can say it with confidence today. Things are starting to get done because I have clarity and centeredness.

Prior to my coaching with Cam, my life was chaotic. It was very hard to be motivated and productive. I had created goal sheets and made plans but they didn’t seem to address the reason why I wasn’t moving forward.

Cam takes an “inside out” approach looking at how you’re feeling and then the thoughts behind those that show what you’re doing or not doing in order to find what the issue really is. It’s the best thing! He offered me insights and connections that normally would be buried. Once or twice would be phenomenal, but to come away from almost every session with an insight or a shift, that came from Cam’s insight.

If you’re considering working with Cam, I would advise you to simply DO IT.  Don’t second-guess yourself, trust that that inner voice is saying “let’s do this. Let’s move forward with this journey.”  When you honor what’s within, it manifests in all the things on the outside.

It’s not just that my world has changed. I’m living in a completely different world!

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