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  • Rebooting After the Holidays

    Rebooting After the Holidays

    Hello, my beautiful friends! I hope you all survived and thrived throughout the holiday season and are ready to step into 2022. Just a heads up this week’s message maybe a little longer than normal, but I promise it’s worth the read. My feelings about December Similar to some of you, I have separated myself…

  • What Is Your Insecurity Stopping You From Doing?

    What Is Your Insecurity Stopping You From Doing?

    As we grow up, as humans do, we unconsciously take on thoughts and beliefs that others offer up to us. When we were bullied, abused, neglected, told we’re different…we unconsciously made those things mean something about ourselves. We unknowingly create insecurities for ourselves that sounds like:● “I’m not good enough”● “I can’t do that”● “I’m…

  • Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

    Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

    From a young age, we are taught what to believe. We are given baselines and guidelines on how to conduct our lives and what is considered “normal” or “acceptable” behavior. We don’t really question it…although we may sometimes test the boundaries.    We create and adopt beliefs in order to protect ourselves and/or make sense…

  • Boundaries


    What is a boundary and why should we set them? Just like we have physical boundaries of our homes (walls, windows, doors, fences, etc.), we also can create emotional boundaries for ourselves and our relationships. Boundaries are something we put in place as a means of protection and empowerment. To set a boundary, you basically…

  • Where The Hell Do Emotions Come From?

    Where The Hell Do Emotions Come From?

    Why do we as humans yearn for the new house; the new relationship; or new job? Because of how we believe we will feel when we have it. Today we’re going to talk about feelings and emotions—specifically where they come from and how to build awareness around them. First, let’s talk about why emotions are…

  • Listening to Yourself

    Listening to Yourself

    Some say people who talk to themselves are crazy. I completely disagree. I think people who talk to themselves are smart. Why? Because this is how you get the opportunity to challenge unhelpful beliefs. I’m not a huge fan of social media. It takes away time with the endless scroll. I love seeing what people…

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