The Success Method

How long have you been working on your goals…and they just stay that, goals?

The reason that your goals aren’t becoming accomplishments faster isn’t that you don’t have a sensational work ethic; it’s because your work ethic isn’t being put to use in the most efficient way.

You’re following society’s method for success instead of the real method for success. 

This success mindset is the one way that I have used to build my businesses from scratch.

I got laid off from my company and was able to become a full-time coach INSTANTLY! 

I’m not special snowflake, I just know what makes successful businesses. 

I’ll give you a hint…it’s not how many hours I work; its not my personal or professional background; it wasn’t my certification (I got certified after I had started my business); and it’s not because I won the lottery. 

It’s my mindset.

There are SO many TALENTED, PASSIONATE, and BRILLANT humans that have fantastic ideas.

Their problem is that they’re following society’s prescribed “success” method (DO → HAVE  → BE) instead of the real method to success (BE → DO → HAVE). 

Let’s say someone is trying to get their goal off of the ground to be successful. 

They’re doing a bunch of work, throwing money at their goals, talking with people, and maybe investing time in trainings (which is WONDERFUL btw!).

The problem is they are just DOING a bunch of things to see if something will stick; in hopes they might HAVE their goal accomplished and then they will BE “successful”.

Why? Because they are looking for their goal to GIVE them the feeling of success!

Even if they were DOING all the right things, they are seeking success outside of themselves and that always makes things murky. 

If someone were trying to run a marathon so they can cross the finish line to be successful, it takes A WHOLE lot of willpower which is short lasted and will never motivate you long term (or at least it’s a LOT harder to get there and try to maintain).

The better way to view your mindset is to already FEEL successful starting out.

Remember, energy goes where intention flows.

What your brain looks for you will find evidence for.

If you are looking for evidence that you were successful every single day then you will find evidence for it!

If you’re looking for reasons that XYZ is really hard then you are going to find evidence that whatever goal you have is really hard. 

You’ll be blaming or looking for external circumstances to give you your desired feelings. And that’s what we call external motivation instead of internal motivation.

Imagine you’ve never trained for a marathon before and you have no evidence of prior success to look at that you are successful as you train.

Did you stay hydrated? Did you get a lot of sleep? Did you go on your practice runs?

Once you view yourself as successful you’ll start doing the right things → eating well, staying hydrated, sleeping well, going on your runs, etc.

And guess what?

It’s going to be a hell of a lot easier then if you just tried to muscle your way through it (if you don’t collapse during the run that is).

Doing the right things will be EASIER.

Then your goal can be accomplished and you’ll continue to set yourself up for success with anything else that you achieve!

Again, society teaches us that you have to do certain things, in order to have what you want, in order to be something.

 In reality you have to become the kind of person who does the right things to have what you want!

 This is called the Be-Do-Have Philosophy and it is literally how I was able to able to start coaching full time, coach with 50+ people, and start my business without skipping a beat after being laid off. 

I had the audacity to believe that I could just make it work and figure things out along the way.

My end results were and are inevitable.

My friends, have some audacious beliefs and go create whatever the hell it is that you secretly crave to create!

If you want some help with your success, goals, and/or mindset, schedule your free call and let’s get started on figuring out what’s been holding you back and how to move forward to accomplish whatever end result you want.

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