Stop Hiding and Unleash Your True Colors to Get What You Really Want

Where in your life are you hiding and not allowing yourself to be seen?

As someone who’s been on my email list for a while, I know that you’re someone who values personal growth and self-improvement. 

That’s why I want to talk to you about the question I posed above.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of hiding our true selves from the world. 

Maybe we’re afraid of being judged or rejected. 
Maybe we’re worried that people won’t accept us for who we are. 
But the truth is, when we hide, we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

When we stop hiding and allow ourselves to be seen, amazing things can happen
We start to attract people into our lives who appreciate us for who we are. 
We find the courage to pursue our passions and dreams. 
We experience more joy, fulfillment, and happiness in our daily lives.

Think about it: what would change in your life if you stopped hiding? 
Maybe you’d finally start that business you’ve been dreaming about. 
Maybe you’d speak up more in meetings at work. 
Maybe you’d finally find the confidence to ask that special someone out on a date.

The possibilities are endless, and I want to help you make them a reality–yes, I want to work with you. I am in total selling mode right now–trying to sell you on yourself! 

We have been drawn together for a reason. 
And I believe that reason is because I can teach you how to create courage, confidence, inspiration, trust, safey, [insert whatever emotion you want here] that will help you find your voice and stop hiding.

Week after week, my clients come to their sessions telling me stories about how they stop themselves from beating themselves up and overthinking after an interaction they’ve had with someone; where before they would have been stuck on it for days (sometimes even a week or more). 

For one of my clients, this change started after our second session together and has gotten stronger and stronger each week since. 

I started with a new client just yesterday who had a big AHA moment in our first session that helped them break through perfectionism so they can perform better on an upcoming test. 

This third client just finished their coaching with me and this is what they had to say about their experience,

I was looking for coaching because I had started my own business and wanted help in operating more independently without constantly fearing judgment or worrying about how others perceived me. 

Before coaching, I had tried different things such as productivity enhancement courses and seeking help from psychologists to manage interpersonal relationships. 

While my life was relatively well-structured in a professional context, I had limited interactions with people outside my circle due to a fear of being judged, which held me back from living up to my full potential.

I feel empowered to set priorities in my personal and professional life and to be accountable for my decisions and their outcomes. 

The biggest accomplishment is freeing myself from self-criticism and gaining the confidence to take chances on things that are beneficial. 

Coaching helped me prioritize my interactions with people and draw clear boundaries to be my authentic self without feeling selfish for deprioritizing something or someone less important.

The best thing about coaching with you was the flexibility to contour coaching sessions to my life and the focus on achieving positive outcomes vs. avoiding negative ones. 

I found the interaction between motivations, fears, and values very helpful in building confidence in my choices and being unapologetic about my motivations for making certain decisions in my personal life.

The reason you don’t invest in yourself is because you’re afraid you won’t or can’t create the change you want. 

All three of these clients felt the same way at some point. Hell, so did I! 
We are all living proof of how powerful coaching can be and the changes that can happen just by showing up for yourself. 

If you’re not ready, that’s totally fine. 
I would never want to put you in a situation where you can’t succeed and timing is huge. 

But if you’re on the fence, what are you really waiting for? 
Let this be your sign that things don’t have to stay the way they are and you can actually get what you want–you just have to take this next step. 

Here’s What You Missed

This Week’s Podcast Episode

Success means something different for every person. However, we all fall prey to the overarching definition that society likes to sell us. Defining success on your own terms is imperative as an HSP because society’s definition does not align with who we are as highly sensitive people, introverts, and empaths. 

Join Cam Nichols as he discusses:

  1. Society’s definition of success
  2. The Importance of defining success on your own terms
  3. Questions to ask yourself to figure out HOW to define your own success
  4. Overcoming fear and judgment

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

Listen to the trailer below…

Give Yourself Permission

I’m on a retreat this week with one of my BFFs/clients and giving myself ALL the permissions that allow me to work, go on adventures, rest, emotionally process, and just enjoy my life!

Balance, my friends. It’s a gift that only we can give ourselves.

Life is 50/50

From the red rocks and falls of southern Utah with Brittney M., to the salty flats and the Jetty Spiral of northern Utah with my hubs, all in the span of a week.

It was been a great week full of happiness, joy, elation, confidence, and FUN!

And I should also mention that there were also bouts of depression, a ton of anxiety, feelings of self-doubt, etc. etc.

Life is 50/50 and expecting it to be any other way just makes you feel the negative 50% even harder.

When Your Inner Critic is Super Loud, Building Confidence Can Be Difficult

DON’T try to embrace your inner superstar of diva.

You are not a mere mortal playing a character.

DO embrace your inner God/Deity. 

You are a frakin’ magical being!!

Owning this piece of ourselves can be scary because it’s so powerful and can feel like it will overpower us.

But really, it’s the fear that it will overpower us.

You can embrace your power because you respect it.

Claim your power because you will use it for the greater good.

You can’t say that for everyone else, can you? Own yourself!!

Who Gets The Best Of You?

Be mindful of who you give your time and energy to. Not everyone deserves the best of you. 

I used to think authenticity was being my highest self all the time, giving everyone equal treatment. 

Long story short, it led to burn out and left me feeling broken. 
F*ck that narrative and be choosy as hell. 

Check out my recent podcast episodes for more info on HOW to go about this #sassysoulfulsensitive 

*PS. This phrase was totally stolen from Tiktok…although I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it verbatim. 🙃 

Desire & Fear

What do you desire that is strong enough to push through your fear?

For me, it’s my business and relationships. 

Charmed is one of my all-time favorite TV shows!

I’ve seen all the episodes at least five times (and my favorites way more than that!).

In the finale of season six, the storyline holds two parallel worlds–one of good and one of evil. 

They have to work together to create a balance in both worlds as things have been thrown off. 

As I was watching this episode with one of my BFFs and clients, I was also thinking back on our week together where we talked about our fears and desires–in our relationship, in our other relationships, in our professional lives, etc. 

As #sensitive people, it is SO HELPFUL to focus on our desires rather than our fear. 

When we focus on our desire, we take action to get what we want. 
When we focus on fear, we usually take actions we don’t want and/or stay in inaction.

Your thoughts generate your emotion. Your emotion drives your action. Your action creates your result. 

Do You Have a Big Life?

Someone tells you…

  • you’re so emotional
  • you’re too emotional
  • you’re really dramatic
  • you’re emotions get the better of you
  • you’re too much
  • you’re a lot to take in
  • you’re too complex

Just remember, YOU HAVE A BIG LIFE.

It’s not your fault (or responsibility) that they don’t have the capacity to live a bigger, bolder, or more colorful life.

That’s a them problem, not a you problem.

Silence = Violence

Not speaking up can be just as or more harmful than speaking up. 
Your voice and opinion matter because they help shape the world around you. 

Create the life you want by speaking your truth and sharing your experiences–let it start to filter out all the BS things and people in your life. 

You’re More Controversial Than You Think

Being more of who you are, unfiltered, is an act of rebellion.

It’s controversial and can potentially cause conflict. 

This is exactly why we filter ourselves.

As #sensitive souls, we are here to reflect people back to themselves…and as you’ve probably experienced yourself, this can be very triggering.

This is why having a non-judgmental support system is so important–so you can empty all your own judgments (about yourself and others) unfiltered. 

If you could use some support, I want to invite you to schedule a call with me. I will give you resources AND support so you can learn and build the skills it takes to be a controversial rebel AND feel safe.

If you’re ready to come home to yourself, let’s chat! Want to test the waters first? Take my free quiz to find out what natural HSP energy type you are.

How Often Do You Feel Successful?

Success is fleeting when it is based on external definitions. 

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