The REAL reason you don’t speak up

I’ve been thinking…

and experimenting…

and failing…


As I’m writing this, I totally have a vulnerability hangover (Thanks to Brene Brown and giving us this vocabulary!). And for good reason!

Finding your voice and speaking your mind and opinions out loud is not for the faint of heart.

It takes courage to be vulnerable. This is exactly why most people don’t.

They just go about their lives cowering, pretending they have no control in their relationships, their job/career, or anywhere else in their life.

Somehow we all got it into our heads that living a fulfilling life looks a certain way and if we follow the “right path” things will magically fall into place.

But there’s a part of you that knows better….

…it knows you have more control than you allow yourself to have…

…it knows you deserve more credit than you give yourself…

…it knows you’re meant to make a difference and something has to change in order for that to happen…

The REAL reason you don’t speak up: you’re afraid of yourself. 

What was your reaction when you read that? Maybe a scoff of disbelief or defensiveness? Maybe sinking in the stomach with a pang of guilt? 

If your reaction was anything outside the realm of, “I AM SCARED” then you are probably lying to yourself (and it’s not even your fault!!).

It’s what authority figures and the world have taught you how to be–dishonest with yourself because they are right, not you.

People who are afraid to speak up are afraid of the power they hold. They’re afraid because they understand and respect it.

You know the weight and responsibility that comes with wielding power.

When you wield power, even personal emPOWERment, you have to face yourself–your most victimy thoughts, your fear of judgment, your insecurities, the intense emotions, all of it.

I know you’re up for cultivating courage in your life because you are in this community.

Know that you are supported and loved and are growing more POWERFUL with each step…each failure…each experiment…each success.

And please know that if you need additional support and tools that will help you fasttrack your progress so you can make the difference in the world that you really want, I am totally here for you.

I will give you tools and teach you how to use them. I will be your cheerleader and make sure you are celebrating all your wins. I will be your advocate until you feel POWERFUL and COURAGEOUS and able to advocate for yourself. I will guide and help co-create the foundation you want and need in order to succeed.

I got you, boo!

Here’s What You Missed…

This Week’s Podcast

Have you ever been told you need to stop looking for validation from others? As an HSP/empath/introvert, it’s important to understand that this may be true part of the time, but it can’t be true all the time. Join Cam Nichols this week as he talks about the sensitive person’s desire to be truly recognized on the deepest and most magical level and how what we’re desperately trying to get isn’t what we really want. He’ll also discuss what we need to do in order to get the validation we want!

Listen To The Trailer 👇🏼

Embrace the Awkward

How my dog walks in his new shoes is as beautifully awkward as our human brains when it’s learning a new skill–especially one that goes against our primal and social programming.

I Had A Breakdown And Posted It On The Internet…

Watch as I work through my own personal emotional breakdown.

Most won’t make it through the whole video because it’s “immature, messy, victimy, naive, etc.” If this is you, know that this video isn’t for you.

I can argue several points that I made, point out several thought errors, etc. but that’s not the point of this video.

The point is to show a ‘behind the scenes’ of my own work, thoughts, and opinions.

As a life coach, I still have all the same thoughts and emotions I used to. But now I am better equipped with tools and OODLES of self-trust/confidence to get through it–which ultimately shortens the refractory period of the down cycles.

This is the work. This is the real life of a highly sensitive person. This is the reality of just being a freakin’ human!

I hope that sharing my messiness, and knowing all too well the judgments that could spawn from this level of vulnerability, helps other sensitive people not feel so isolated and alone.

Unrealistic Expectations 

(aka a form of Perfectionism)

I don’t bowl often. But when I do, I expect to get a strike 8/10 times.

#unrealisticexpectations #failure #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #introvert #empath #resilience #bowling #success

Here’s Why Your
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Ok, that quiz! OMG OMG! I went in curious and bemused and came out as a BELIEVER. lol. I sent a couple of folks over to take it and they were amazed too! I don’t know how you created that thing, but it was GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD. So FUN!


OMG! Everything was right on! How did you do this? I felt you knew my soul. It’s soooo good!!!! 🧡🤩


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