How I Went From a Wreck to a Badass in 90 Seconds

Last week I attended my first ever live mastermind event.

It was more incredible than I could have imagined!

But I didn’t feel that way going into it…

When my husband dropped me off at the airport, I was trembling and shaking with anxiety.

I was going to meet friends that I had only met virtually but had known for over a year.

I was going to be in a room with incredible coaches who help tons of people.

What will they think of me?

Who am I to be sitting in that room?

I’m an introvert and I’m socially awkward.

I don’t even know how to be around people.

Those were just a few of the lovely thoughts that were running through my head. Fun, huh?

This mental barrage of doubt and dismissal was strong–the wait for the flight, the two flights, the ride to finalize registration for the event.

I walked into the incredibly fancy JW Marriot hotel in downtown Austin and as I was going up the escalator I decided to change the narrative:

The only thing I need to do is be and trust in myself.

People want to talk to me.

Then I got to the registration line….OVERWHELM!

Someone started talking to me. (oh f*ck…keep it cool. Be awkward and let them decide to take you in. I just need to be myself. People want to talk to me.)

It was awkward.

Sometimes I had short answers or didn’t know where to take the conversation.

But then people asked about my business…and I had A LOT to say. I surprised myself!

(You may or may not know this about me, but I’ve had the story in my head that I’m a bad storyteller and communicator for years! This makes marketing or creating videos really difficult, as you can probably imagine the tantrum my mind throws each time)

But I connected with my own story in a completely new way.

I was clear in describing a shy introvert’s struggles–my struggles, your struggles.

Any time someone wanted to chat, I was ready. AND ENERGIZED ABOUT IT?!

I didn’t think that was even possible!

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I wanted to share with you that you have more power and control than you think you do.

Two intentional thoughts, and my willingness to feel all the anxiety and fear allowed me to create a beautifully memorable experience.

Notice how I didn’t say it was just the thoughts? If I had not been willing to feel the anxiety and fear AND openness and courage, things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did.

How do I know? Because I’ve had similar narratives in my brain that I spent years trying to “think positive to be positive.”

Life isn’t positive all the time. Sometimes it sucks.

But when you’re willing to lean into your own worth and who you are, there isn’t a challenge that can stop you from going after and getting what you want.

If you’re not already, I invite you to follow me on social media because sh*t is getting real. I don’t need to hide, and you don’t either. Here are a few posts from the last week:

But isn’t implementation (aka action) the point of all the thought work?

Nope, it’s the result you want–that’s the point of all the thought work.

Yes, implementation (aka action) will help you get the result; however, if you’re not integrating your realizations, wisdom, and lessons you won’t get the result you’re trying to reach.

In fact, you’ll look for the answers outside of yourself and try to implement other people’s actions that you see, or they tell you to do.

Will this work? Sometimes, but most of the time, no. You’ll know if this is the case if you have ever thought something along the lines of “great, I’m back where I started.”

So what do I mean when I say integration?

Integration by definition is “combine (two things) so they become a whole.”

Some of us resist aspects of ourselves and by doing so, reject ourselves.

We want to feel better, so we try to implement change.

But again, implementation doesn’t work because you need to integrate first. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

We have to embrace the pieces of ourselves that we don’t like in order to create the changes we want.

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I have some spots open for new clients in April so book your consult and let’s shine some light on that darkness so you can actually get what you’ve been wanting your entire life. (link in bio/profile)

I’ve spent most of my life trying to follow the rules and do the “right” thing; but in doing so, I stopped listening to myself.

I stopped developing my own opinions and viewpoints (even though I had NO idea of this at the time).

Everyone else had the answers that I felt I didn’t have–parents, teachers, bosses, church/religion, my spouse, etc.

So when I started “challenging” my thoughts and emotions it caused a LOT of discomfort. A lot of pain. And also a lot of happiness and treasured memories.

I took this work even deeper this past month and let me tell you, it was not a fun rodeo…most of the time. And I can’t say that it’s over. (If you want to read more about this experience, visit my blog on

But what I can say is that you have all the answers if you’re willing to listen. It requires both light and dark. You have to invite them, not fight them.

#lifecoach #lifecoaching #introvertcoach #selfesteem #selftrust #confidence #authenticity

Our brains are always seeking something concrete–it wants certainty.

This is why so many of us fall into the perfectionistic mindset of perfect/imperfect, black/white, right/wrong, all/nothing.

Our brains try to create duality to force us into certainty.

But certainty in life, realistically for most of us, isn’t something we will ever get.

This is why coaching (especially when working with me) is so important because the only certainty we can really have as the every-day-person is the certainty that we are resilient, and capable of figuring something out–including when our brain wants to tell us it’s hopeless.

This is the kind of stuff we work on when we work together.

Authentic confidence isn’t about being showy, extroverted, or loud; it’s about creating your own psychological safety by creating certainty in yourself.

#introvertcoach #lifecoach #lifecoaching #introvert #introvertlife #confidence #authenticity #empath #beyou #introvertstruggles

If you’re ready to stop hiding and start living, book your consult and let’s chat!

Oftentimes we strive to be worthy–-money, status, career, family, friends, etc.

But WORTHINESS CAN’T BE CREATED…OR DESTROYED. (yeah, read that again!)

You can choose to acknowledge it or ignore it.

We think we are working towards a baseline of being worthy; but the reality is that we start as worthy.

Then convince ourselves we’re not worthy and spend the rest of our lives striving for something we have chosen to ignore instead of acknowledging, embracing, and accepting what already is.

What if humans, at peak optimal performance, could only feel worthy 50% of the time?

Anything less than 50% is just social conditioning we consciously or unconsciously chose to adopt into our identity.

Anything over 50% is just an illusion that is being confused with intensity–which is not the same.

We need to stop thinking that we should FEEL worthy all the time–or anything more than just 50% of the time.

And we need to start accepting that it’s not realistic.

When we work together, this is something we tackle–accepting that you don’t have to FEEL worthy all the time in order to actually BE worthy.

It’s about learning to navigate the 50% of disbelief so you’re at a point where you can remind yourself of who you really are–-worthy. Period.

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Remember, shining bright gives others permission to shine as well 🌟

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