Recognizing YOUR Importance

You recognize you’re a unique individual. But do you recognize how important YOU and your uniqueness actually are and the impact your existence and voice have in the world??

It can be so easy to get overwhelmed and go into existential mode. You may feel like you’re lost or trapped without the hope of a future you actually want.

When you’re in this mindset, it’s more difficult to manage your mind and see what control you have. It becomes almost impossible to see clearly, let alone think positively about creating a desired future.

But here’s the thing: When you own who you are and where you’re at (even if in this ‘unclear’ state), you step into a place of power–the driver’s seat of your life, if you will.

Here are four areas/tools/concepts to think about and/or implement to help you take that step into clarity and ownership:

Thoughts About Yourself

Do you view yourself as capable? How about compassionate? Capable and compassionate can be two of the most important words you choose to think, on purpose, about yourself.

When you think you’re capable, you start to believe and feel empowered. When you feel empowered, you don’t doubt that you have control or can figure something out. The things you want become inevitable–not just a hope or dream.

When you think you’re compassionate, you feel love and are able to offer that to yourself when you feel down/sad/lonely/afraid/etc. You are able to remove judgment and tap into your inner knowing to know what you need in that exact moment.

Strengths & Weaknesses

How much time do you think about your strengths? Probably not as much time as you spend thinking about your weaknesses.

What if I told you they were the exact same thing? Your strengths and weaknesses are just skills or characteristics approached from different energies.

For example, you are sensitive and aware of other people’s emotions. From a more negative energy, it’s a weakness because you can become easily overwhelmed and shut down. From a more positive energy, it’s a strength because it allows you to easily adjust your communication style to make others feel at ease.

Simplify your ‘weaknesses’ to skills or traits, and then ask how those can be approached differently to be seen as the strength they already are. Most likely, your brain will start to list evidence of things you are already naturally doing.


Similar to the above strengths and weaknesses, reframing and rephrasing can be an excellent tool in bringing you back to clarity.

This helps you examine things from a different perspective. Empaths and HSPs are usually really good at this; however, sometimes we need to bring more intentionality to it when we’re in a funk.

Please do not confuse this with toxic positivity, though. Toxic positivity is dismissing yourself–the experience, the emotion, etc.–and pretending to be positive. Not everything in life is positive–and that’s okay.

However, reframing can help take the sting out of the wound.

For example, you planned to go to the beach and enjoy the sun, but it’s raining. You’re disappointed because you were looking forward to your plans. The entire day was meant to be relaxing a fun. Even though it’s raining, you can still have a relaxing and fun day, it just won’t be in the sun as planned. Maybe it looks like a movie marathon, or binge-watching a show, or reading a book, etc.

Notice how you can honor your disappointment AND still reframe the situation into a positive one.

Accepting Where You Are

This can be difficult to do–especially when dealing with negative emotion. Somehow we have taken on the idea from society that we are supposed to only feel positive emotions and that if we feel negative emotions, something has gone wrong. This isn’t the case and is actually a pretty harmful concept to take on and live by.

Having compassion for where you are can sometimes be the exact thing you need to feel less terrible. Our negative emotions shouldn’t be resisted–they should be honored. When we resist or try to ignore a negative emotion, it will just become more intense or louder. It’s like a baby throwing a tantrum, they don’t feel heard/seen/understood.

How does one do this exactly? It’s actually pretty simple–you sit with it, name it, and remind yourself it’s not permanent or a problem. This can be difficult at first so if you need some guidance, download your free guided meditation here and I’ll help you through it.

Learning these ideas/concepts/tools is a great place to start or even revisit when things start to become overwhelming. My hope is that you take what has been offered, apply them in your life, and start to see the difference in your life and experience.

Your presence and existence is so powerful and can impact the world in a way without you having to really do anything except live and do what you can to enjoy your life. Recognize how important you are–without effort, exception, or validation. You are important.

Join me for my upcoming webinar: How To Be Okay With Yourself on January 16th where I’ll dive deeper into why it can be difficult to recognize our importance, different ways we tend to self-sabotage ourselves and our success, and provide more actional ways to boost your self-esteem. Repeat after me, “2023 is the year I recognize ME.” Register Here

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