5 Signs You May Be A Sensitive Person (and why it’s a good thing!)

Are you tired of feeling like your sensitivity is a weakness? Well, it’s time to flip the script because being a highly sensitive person is not just a thing, it’s a freaking superpower! It can be exhausting AND it can be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing! 

And while it can be overwhelming at times, it also means we’re more creative, innovative, and deeply connected to others. Sensitive people naturally get to live on a more expansive plane of existence!

We get to experience humanity on a completely micro-to-macro level–

  • Expansive EMOTIONS – feeling rock bottom lows to cloud nine highs
  • Expansive THOUGHT PROCESSES – being a visionary of long-term potentials and possibilities, to finding inefficiencies and oversights like nobody’s business.
  • Expansive EMPATHY – seeing and driving action for a more congruent way of living for humanity
  • Expansive AWARENESS– admiring each new generation that comes and their “NO BS, let’s fix this sh!t” attitudes, because they’re attuned to what we have felt in our bones since we were born
  • Expansive RECOGNITION – validating the experiences of the human race with all its easy simplicity AND its compelling complexity

When I truly take a minute to recognize how crazy it is to be a sensitive person, I can’t help but think of myself and other sensitive people as complete superhero badasses!! 

We are here to make a difference in the world–no matter whether it looks like being a good parent or neighbor, or leading a company or a nation–we recognize there is more to our existence than what most people can see (even if it’s a feeling that we can’t fully articulate) AND that we’re here to help transition the world into a softer, gentler, more relaxed place.

But in order to do this, we need to do this for ourselves and our lives first–which may not be as difficult as you may think.

So, if you’re feeling this on a deep level, then guess what? You may be one of us, a highly sensitive badass ready to take on the world and make it a better place. Embrace your sensitivity, it’s your superpower.

Here’s What You Missed…

Learning how to trust your intuition and navigate your energy and emotional cycles is what allows you to create the anchor of safety you need to confidently express your unique voice and advocate for your wants and needs.

This is how you build the incredible and meaningful relationships you want. This is how you create a fulfilling life that aligns with who you really are so you can naturally thrive! Click the video below to listen to the teaser trailer 👇🏼

Whether you’ve taken the ‘What Element Are You? Quiz or not, watch this video if you need a quick laugh (<1 min) 👇🏼

Need some helpful thoughts to practice over this upcoming week? I got you covered! 👇🏼

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 19th

This is a free monthly group coaching and discussion call to gain deeper insight and wisdom into the results you received in the “What Element Are You?” quiz

I will answer questions, facilitate discussion, and provide individual coaching to those who show up while also providing coaching to the group as a whole based on the individual’s coaching and/or the group’s discussion.

Come chat, play, and explore!

Cam is an amazing coach and is exactly what every highly sensitive person (or empath) needs!

You’ll know you’ve found an incredible coach with just one session with him – his energy speaks volumes. He holds space for you to be completely vulnerable AND he will ask you questions to help guide you toward discovering more of who you really are.

He makes sure you feel heard and that ALL feelings are valid, this is HUGE for HSPs and empaths as we often discredit or disregard our own feelings. And he has such a fun and sassy energy that can easily lighten the mood of challenging topics.

If you want a coach that “gets you” then you need Cam.

Jenna M.

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