You’ll Never Believe What Happened To Me! Is This My Actual Life?

Hey there, my fellow sensitive soul!

Let me tell you a little story about a recent party I went to. It was at a loud, crowded bar.

(Did you cringe at the idea of a crowded party at a loud bar? Yeah, me too 😂).

My husband and I were the first to arrive (even before the birthday girl). We ordered a beer each and I chose the table in the corner with the view of the entrance and the entire room (you know, for strategic observation purposes 😆).

As more and more strangers arrived (I literally only knew my husband and had met the birthday girl twice) and the bar got more crowded, I started to mentally brace myself…but nothing happened. I had absolutely ZERO anxiety about this party. None. Nada. Zilch. 

When I realized this, I was SHOCKED. Me, the king of overthinking and social anxiety, feeling calm and collected (and dare I say somewhat excited…?) in a situation that would normally send me running for the hills? It was like I had uncovered a new secret superpower. New level unlocked! 

I felt confident, empowered, and like I could handle anything that came my way. 

I talked…with strangers…all night long. 🤯

Now, I’m not saying I’m completely cured of anxiety (let’s be real, that’s not how it works), but this experience was life-altering.

After years of doing this work personally and with my clients (read about some of their results here), I’m still flabbergasted when things like this happen. I’ve had several instances like this where I feel a certain way that I never thought was possible for me. 

It was a powerful reminder to me of the power of rewiring our brains and mastering those “intangible” skills that have been holding us back for so long. When we do this, the impossible becomes possible.

And you know what? You can do this too. That’s right, YOU. The one who feels like they have to hide away from the world because it’s just too overwhelming. The one who beats themselves up for being too sensitive or too introverted or too whatever.

Stop hiding, {{ subscriber.first_name | capitalize }}. It’s time to allow yourself to be seen. It’s time to speak up and let your true self shine through. And I’m here to help you do it.

I’m still emotional…I’m still dramatic (growing more so by the day as I embrace my own voice more and more)…I’m still me…but…the me today:

  • isn’t afraid to speak up and disagree,
  • isn’t beating himself up (just for existing and taking up space),
  • isn’t constantly worried about what people think about him.

This is the power of the healing work we can do together.

I’m so grateful for you being here in my little sensitive circle, for this opportunity to share a piece of my story, to be your coach, for that experience last weekend, and for the pride I have in doing what I get to do. 


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 17th @ 11AM PT / 12PM MT / 1PM CT / 2PM ET

This is a free monthly group coaching and discussion call to gain deeper insight and wisdom into the results you received in the “What Element Are You?” quiz

I will answer questions, facilitate discussion, and provide individual coaching to those who show up while also providing coaching to the group as a whole based on the individual’s coaching and/or the group’s discussion.

“I really related to the others in the group and got a lot out of your coaching. For me, the best thing about the group calls was when I was the one being coached. The second best was when I could fully relate to the person being coached because it was also something I needed to hear.

As a coach, you have a level of authenticity that puts me at ease (I’m always on guard for people with hidden agendas). You also understand things that I’ve been struggling to grasp. I often feel like crying when we talk because I feel seen, heard, and understood in a way that is so rare.”

Come chat, play, and explore!

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As a sensitive soul, the fact is that we’re just not meant to play the energizer bunny role in the world. This can be frustrating AF! But you can make it less frustrating and Cam is going to tell you how to do just that–he’s got your back!

Join Cam Nichols as he discusses:
1️⃣ Understanding Energy Management as a Sensitive Person
2️⃣ Identifying Personal Energy Drains
3️⃣ Strategies for Recharging & Building Resilience
4️⃣ How to Manage Your Time

“Extraordinary productivity is not about time management, it’s about managing your decisions, attention, and energy.” – Leigh Stevens

Listen to the Trailer 👇🏼

Do you recognize when you are shutting down and not saying something?

For me, I know that’s happening when my inner monologue changes to thoughts about other people and how they think of me rather than my own thoughts about myself. 

Shutting down and not speaking up leads to:

👉🏼 people-pleasing
👉🏼 distance with your partner
👉🏼 perfectionism
👉🏼 hindering your professional development👉🏼 overthinking
👉🏼 surface level/superficial friendships
👉🏼 breakdown of trust with yourself

How you talk to yourself is one of the most difficult skills you can learn if you’ve continuously been dismissed. 

It’s also the skill that makes the biggest impact on your well-being and your life.

Can you relate?

If you’re #sensitive and worry about being selfish, you probably aren’t.

Turn Fighting Into Dancing

Sometimes it feels like we as sensitive people are destined to always fight with ourselves. 

What if they goal is not to eradicate the fight, but see it as a dance instead? 

PART 1 – Something that seems small…


PART 2 – …is actually big and expansive beneath the surface.


Who’s Amazing? WE ARE!

No more explanation needed. 
You in? 💯 L.F.G!

What if EVERYTHING you did was setting you up for success?

If this isn’t believable to you, that’s totally okay! Just like yoga, modify it to fit where you’re at on your journey.

If you need help rephrasing it in a way that works for me, leave a comment or send me a message. I got you, boo 😘

What is your primary HSP Energy Type?

Take the ‘What Element Are You?’ quiz.

Discover what element holds the key to unlocking your secret strength as a sensitive soul. You’ll also learn what your natural intuitive gifts are and exactly what to do to regain BALANCE when you feel stuck in the ruts of overthinking/doubt/frustration/overwhelm/etc. you just can’t think your way out of.

Ok, that quiz! OMG OMG! I went in curious and bemused and came out as a BELIEVER. lol. I sent a couple of folks over to take it and they were amazed too! I don’t know how you created that thing, but it was GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD. So FUN!


OMG! Everything was right on! How did you do this? I felt you knew my soul. It’s soooo good!!!! 🧡🤩


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