The Ultimate Paradox: The need for good and bad?

Something I have struggled with, and that I see my clients struggling with, is this fantasy that our personalities are all-or-nothing. What I mean by this is that we don’t want to allow ourselves to be complex multidimensional beings. Ex. We’re either always committed or we’re lazy and terrible. Who put this bullsh*t rule into play?

Especially this month as people focus on resolutions and goals for 2022, it can be easy to compare ourselves to others and believe they have it all figured out. The truth is, no one has it ‘all figured out.’ Even the people you compare yourself to or look up to are not in a constant mindset of successful or motivated thinking.

What I want to offer you is that sometimes you will feel motivated and like you’re going to crush your goals; other times you may feel tired or overwhelmed. One day you may feel excited; while the next you feel apathetic. I’m here to tell you THAT’S NORMAL!

Even if you feel lazy, apathetic, or [insert whatever negative emotion you want here], IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT IS WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON.

You are separate from your thoughts.

I invite you to start looking at the beautiful paradox that you are. You as a human, encompass opposing characteristics and personality traits. Embrace ALL of them.


List out all the characteristics, descriptors, and common emotions that make up your personality–for even more fun, write or overlay on a photo of yourself 😊. Below is my own personal example:

Saucy, Kind, Sarcastic, Caring, Selfish, Sassy, Calm, Compassionate, Empathetic, Recluse, Introvert, Docile, Excited, Curious, Riveted, Entertaining, Funny, Boring, Lazy, Driven, Ambitious, Moody, Careful, Sexual, Spiritual, Worldly, Creative, Gifted, Talented, Communicative, Introspective, Loving, Content, Unsatisfied, High Achiever, Integrity, Character, Genuine, Authentic, Supportive, Passionate, Confident, Good Listener, Overthinker, Homebody, Adventurous, Shy, Reserved, Flirtatious, Playful, Sacred, Empowered, Imaginative, Sentimental, Dramatic, Non-Chalant, Shameful, Tired, Invested, Meditative, TV Lover, Limited, Unlimited, Believer, Witchy, Optimist, Magical, Doubter, Guide, Super, Musical

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