Unlock Your Potential with the Power of Paradoxes by Embracing the “Sometimes Principle”

​​​Hey​,​ you beautiful magical creature you, 

​Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in an exhausting cycle of bouncing from one extreme to another? 

One day you’re X, then the next you’re Y, and it feels like a never-ending rollercoaster. Trust me, I’ve been there too, and it’s draining, isn’t it?

But here’s the truth: the exhaustion doesn’t come from embracing different sides of yourself. It comes from the constant battle within, the belief that you should always be X. 

Let me tell you something empowering: you don’t have to be consistent in your beliefs to take action. 

However, to truly feel good about the action you take, you need to love and care for yourself even more.

That’s where the Sometimes Principle comes in.It’s a simple yet transformative tool that addresses all the points mentioned above. Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ SOMETIMES I’m X, and SOMETIMES I’m Y. Embrace the beautiful contradictions within yourself and let go of the pressure to fit into a single mold.

2️⃣ SOMETIMES I’m consistent, and SOMETIMES I’m not. SOMETIMES I love and care for myself into action, and SOMETIMES I just have to love and care for myself until I’m ready to take action. It’s about finding balance and honoring your unique rhythm.

3️⃣ SOMETIMES things are black and white, and SOMETIMES they’re not. Embrace the shades of gray and the complexities of life. It’s in those moments of embracing contradictions that true happiness and confidence are found.

The beauty of the “Sometimes Principle” is that it allows for more flow in your life without the need to beat yourself up for not fitting into a specific mold. 

Society may lead us to believe that consistency is the key to confidence and identity, but in reality, all we need is to learn how to flow back and forth without self-judgment.

You’re fear of being stagnant is the exact thing you’re fighting for by trying to get to and keep yourself in the middle box.Ironic, right?!

But let me tell you, that middle box is overrated and exhausting! Embrace the power of the “Sometimes Principle” for just ONE DAY, and you’ll start experiencing more ease and flow in your life.

I’d love to hear about your experience with the “Sometimes Principle.” Hit reply to this email and share how it’s transforming your life. 

Let’s embrace the magic of contradictions and create a life filled with more love, ease, and flow.

Much love,

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Wednesday, June 21st

You totally missed out on an amazing call last week! We talked about….

  • How your nervous system reacts  in certain situations and ways to cope
  • How we desperately seek the middle ground, but we’re not middle ground people
  • Tuning into the nuances of your intuition and senses to fine tune your discernment
  • How overanalyzing and overthinking in our brain is like our lungs during a panic attack
  • Transforming fear into a desire

Come chat, play, and explore, in our next call!

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Topics Included:

  • How is Life Coaching different than talking with a friend or colleague?My epic new eye glasses that rave about my energyA great message about love (but with a terrible accent! 🤣)Learning How To Shine: Cuddling Up With Your ShadowsHow paradoxes and contradictions have made us to feel broken. It’s not our fault, but it is not our responsibility.

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