When it’s this valuable, FREE is the best thing that could happen! 🤯 You Can Feel Better Now!

Free stuff is only good when it actually provides you with value. The stickers, keychains, etc. all just end up in the landfill. So how about something that’s actually useful? Keep reading.

Over the last several weeks, with a noticeable increase this past week, I’ve been doing a TON of coaching on resisting emotion and helping people feel and process the emotions they’ve been avoiding. When it comes to emotions, if we resist they will persist. 

Whether it’s anxiety about the pandemic; loneliness, and longing for genuine connection; grief for losing a loved one; etc.; we can get stuck in these emotions and they stop us from being empowered, taking action, or just moving forward with grace. 

As we enter the third year of #pandemiclife, it’s imperative that we know how to process our emotions and understand them. 

This is where I’m seeing a HUGE gap. This isn’t really a surprise because no one ever taught us how to actually feel our emotions–let alone do so effectively!

So I created (and just released this last week) some FREE RESOURCES to help with this very thing.  I’m so excited and think you will LOVE them!

Here’s What You’ll Get

How to Process an Intense Emotion in Just 5 Minutes

Guided Meditation

This five-minute guided meditation helps you lessen the intensity of ANY emotion that is preventing you from moving forward at the moment. It will help you feel and process the emotion so you can have a clearer head.

Where Emotions Come From & How to Create Awareness

10-min Mini-Training

This mini-training helps you understand how emotions are created (it’s probably not what you think), and the important role our feelings play in our lives.

Relationship With Yourself And Your Future

10-min Mini-Training

The relationship you have with yourself and your future are two of the most important relationships you can have. Learn to tap into your future self and the life you want to create so you know how to actually create it!

Living Life Without A Buffer

10-min Mini-Training

Buffering is essentially numbing our emotions and stops us from creating the positive result we want. This training will help you understand why we buffer and how to overcome it.

change how you show up for yourself in your world, then go out and change the world!

Cam Nichols

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