“I fit in, but I don’t belong.”

Are you the kind of person who adapts easily to others? You can fit in and get along with almost anybody (as long as you need to–want is a different story entirely).

I was working with a client today who explained that she fit into a social dynamic but didn’t feel like she belonged.

I think most shy introverts do this–I know I do!

We learn from a young age that we need to adapt to those around us in order to protect ourselves and feel safe.

This is how we develop perfectionistic and people-pleasing tendencies.

At a time in our life, this was a useful strategy. But now it’s just painful to the core of our soul.

We don’t feel like we belong even though it looks like we do. It’s a VERY lonely place to be.

What if you didn’t have to “fit in” but rather you got to exist and be loved just for your existence? The things you dislike about yourself or have been judged on in the past are things that could be endearing to someone else.

You’ve spent so much time focusing on fitting in, that you have forgotten how to belong.

Belonging starts with a strong sense of self.

I want to invite you to stop playing the chameleon and start playing the lion/tiger/bear (oh my!)/gazelle/eagle/[insert whatever animal feels good to you]!

You belong. But you’ve fed into the illusion and fallacy that you must “fit in.”

Fitting in requires others to make that decision, but belonging only requires you to make that decision yourself.

If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to join my small-group coaching program at a HUGELY discounted price (as my beta group). I’m going to teach you how to deal with all the emotions that come up when you step into belonging and stop trying to fit in.

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