I was terrified. So I did the only thing I could think of.

Hello, my beautiful friend!

Today, I want to ask you to ponder what are you hiding from…?

Oftentimes I see my clients (and let’s be honest, myself too) hide.

We’re afraid to be seen and heard.

But we crave to be understood by others.

If we’re exposed, we can be judged or rejected.

For myself, I recognized I was hiding because the other option was forcing myself to be like others–and that sh*t took so much effort! It was completely draining.

When I couldn’t bring myself to the task because I had low energy, I hid and justified my hiding–including leaning on being an introvert and homebody.

I didn’t socialize much even though I craved more genuine connections in my life.

I didn’t pursue dreams and passions because I couldn’t take another failure in my life.

I pretended, of course. Which did get me some results–a promotion, a house, etc.

But then it all hit a plateau. And if you’ve ever tried to lose weight and hit a lasting plateau you understand how frustrating it can be–you know what the problem is but you just can’t get out of your own way.

If you’re like me, you may have felt (or even be feeling) stuck, confused, frustrated, lonely, unworthy, insecure, etc.

These feelings are totally okay and absolutely normal.

And I want to offer that you don’t have to stay on that hamster wheel and keep hiding.

I’ve been doing a lot of social experimenting lately (practice what you preach, right?) and been having a blast! (much more to come on this…)

No, it doesn’t look like our outgoing friends situation. I’ve created something that feels comfortable (and safe) for me.

If you’ve been craving more connection or just ready to step off the hamster wheel of doom (hehe, I think I’m so funny 😆) ask yourself what’s the smallest, tiniest, most insignificant thing that you can do TODAY to step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t go too big or crazy–just a step or even a toe outside your comfort zone.

Let whatever feelings come before, during, and after.

If you need help processing those emotions, sign-up to get or use my quick five minute meditation to help you through–this sh*t works and I use it myself (and frequently get reminded by my coaches who have downloaded it and use it themselves and with their clients).

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I have actually never been very good at meditation.. But that was.. Immediate! Thank you!!” – K.L.

“It’s SO GOOD! I used it myself and now even recommend it to my own clients.” – A.C.

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Where Emotions Come From & How to Create Awareness

Knowing where emotions come from and how they are created, opens you up to create MAGIC. Gain more control over your emotions and learn to create any emotion at any time.

Relationship with yourself and Your future

When you build a relationship with your future, it makes the present SO MUCH EASIER! Tapping into your future self is the key to creating clarity and ease in your life RIGHT NOW.

Living life without a buffer

Buffering is the way we avoid feeling terrible. It’s the reason you don’t have all the things we want. Learning to live without buffering is a powerful tool that sets you free from all the things holding you back.

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