The only things left were guilt, shame, and blame

Once upon a time…

There was a happy, energetic, and emotional child. 

They were told they were loud. Then they were told they were too quiet.

They were told that they were too much. Then they were told they were not enough.

They were told that their emotions were extreme. Then they were told they were too serious.

Sadly, the child believed what other people said. They were the adults after all. 

The child made themself “wrong” and “broken” and “not normal.” 

They developed depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

They struggled to make friends.

They struggled to find fulfilling hobbies.

They struggled to keep their spark alive. 

When something came along that they were good at, they would cling to it like it was the thing that would finally “fix” them and make them worthy of everything the world had to offer–to be normal…be happy.

More life happened and those things that were going to “fix” the child went away.

The only things left were guilt, shame, and blame

More things to cling onto would come and go.

But the feeling of “good enough” never came

No matter what achievements were accomplished or titles held it was always a struggle to keep the spark lit. 

Then a fairy appeared and told the child (now an adult) that they didn’t have to do anything to be worthy–of love, confidence, wealth, etc. 

The fairy gave a gift by taking away shame and restoring the power of authenticity and confidence that was innate in the child.

Once the gift was bestowed, the spark lit to a mighty flame.

They could now make friends.

They could be creative.

They could own every single emotion regardless of intensity. 

Because of this, the child (now an adult) has found confidence.

Confidence that no matter what happens, they’ll figure things out AND take pleasure in the journey.

This confidence does not come from a place of scarcity or defeat, but rather from a place of empowerment and possibility

I was the child. You are the child. It’s time to reclaim yourself and fu⊄k the formula that you’ve been given. 

Discover what YOU believe underneath all the sh*t that has been given to you. Decondition old beliefs thrust upon you as “true” or “normal.” Design the life that fits YOU, not just one that others deem as “acceptable” and leaves you feeling miserable.

The world has flooded you with ideas…
…of who you “should” be,
…what you “should” do,
…and how you “should” behave.

I’m here to say fu⊄k that!!

I’m angry.

I’m fed up!

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

The world does not get to dictate who you are, what you do, or how you behave, YOU DO.

Our generation is struggling because it was told to follow a specific formula for success, which isn’t available to us today.

I’m not here to give you more “rules” to follow, but I can help you discover, decondition, and design your own rule book.

Join me in my new small-group coaching program, Fu⊄k the Formula: 6 Weeks of Discovery, Deconditioning, & Design and let’s fu⊄k sh*t up!



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